Update on Recent Seismic Activity in Iceland


  • No eruption has occurred & KEF airport is open
  • Potential eruption expected to be small and very unlikely to impact flights.
  • Seismic activity localized. Only a small area around the town of Grindavík is affected.
  • Blue Lagoon is closed due to it's close distance to the town of Grindavík
  • Iceland is well-prepared for volcanic events.
  • There is not need to change or adjust travel plans at this point

In the past week, seismic activity near the town of Grindavík on Reykjanes Peninsula, has been monitored. Despite concerns, no eruption has happened, and flights to and from Iceland remain unaffected. The evacuation of town of Grindavík, prompted by a potential magma bubble, is a precautionary measure. While seismic activity has lessened, it's advised to stay informed.

Iceland, with a history of volcanic events, has effective preparedness measures. KEF airport is open, and there's no impact expected on travel plans. Your safety and travel experience in Iceland are our top priorities.

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