Rent a Car at Keflavik International Airport

If you’re planning to venture further than the airport during your holiday (and we hope you are!) then a car is an essential part of your journey. Afterall, what better way to explore the untouched landscapes of this beautiful country than your own four wheels. 

Your adventure begins the moment you land, so don’t waste your precious time sorting your rental at an on-site kiosk. With our Keflavik airport car rental service we’ll have your chosen vehicle ready to pick up the moment you land helping you to get on the road faster than any other car rental company. 

Booking with Lotus Car Rental comes with a number of benefits other companies can’t match: 

  • No hidden costs
  • No additional paperwork
  • Full tank of fuel as standard
  • Platinum insurance; best on the market 

All of our vehicles are cleaned and safety-checked prior to your pickup, so you know you’re in safe hands with a car from Lotus Car Rental.

Landing at Keflavik Airport

Keflavik International airport is the main travel in Iceland and serves flights from across Europe and America. When you land at Keflavik airport, you’ll be subject to standard national security clearance procedures (passport control), followed by luggage collection and then you’ll be on your way. The average time spent at security gates ranges from between 5-15 minutes so you’ll be on your way before you know it. 

For in-depth information on baggage and security at Keflavik Airport, please reference the official website.

Our representative will be waiting for you with a sign in the arrival hall at the airport after your plane has arrived. Please wait close to the information desk in the arrival hall. Our representative will take you to our office where you will pick up your rental vehicle. - Please give us a call at +354-787-4444 if you don't see our representative in the arrival hall. This service is free of charge for all Lotus customers.

Dropping your car off 

When returning to Keflavik Airport at the end of your time in Iceland, simply bring your car to the Lotus Car Rental lot, where you can drop your car off and continue onward to the airport itself. We’ll confirm the drop-off is successful. 

That’s all there is to it! So why risk the headaches of dealing with rental depots when you land, book a car today with Lotus Car Rental and avoid the future headaches.