Dacia Duster 4x4 (manual)

The Dacia Duster is a great choice for the traveller who prefers a fuel-efficient car with the capabilities of leaving the asphalt for more rugged roads – definitely a plus in Iceland. Simply put, the Duster is among the most fuel-efficient 4x4s in the world and you are clear to enter the fabled F-roads in Iceland to really explore the country’s incomparable natural surroundings.

The Dacia Duster seats five people and has a luggage room of 475 litres (1636 with the back seats down) and represents great value not only in terms of fuel-efficiency but also price. While you might think of it as a “no frills” option, it still comes with features like AUX, USB, Bluetooth, Air Bags, Power Steering, Heated Seats and Cruise Control for maximum efficiency. Truly a deal you can’t beat and a smart choice for budget travellers in Iceland.

Keep in mind that it is only available with manual transmission so we recommend you familiarise yourself with stick shift before embarking on your trip in Iceland.