Insurance Q&A

What insurances are included in the car rental price?

When you book a car through our website you get the Bronze Insurance Plan and Silver Insurance Plan with the car. In that package, you have Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), SilverCollision Damage Waiver (SCDW) and Thief Protection (TP). The deductible (self-risk) amount on the TP is 0 ISK but the deductible (self-risk) amount on the SCDW is 150.000 ISK.

Can I decline the included insurance?

Yes, you can decline the included insurance. If you want to do decline the insurance, please book the car online. When you have booked the car online you will get a booking confirmation email from us, simply reply to that email and ask us to remove the insurance. We will then send you a new confirmation email with all insurance declined.

What is the difference between the Gold Insurance Package and the Silver Insurance Package?

The Gold Insurance doesn't cover damages to the chassis of the vehicle, damages to tires/wheels, water damages, damages to the engine, radiator or transmission, towing fee and damages done by animals. The Platinum Insurance covers all those damages with 0 ISK deductible/self-risk.
The Platinum Insurance Package is the best insurance plan any car rental company in Iceland offers. It basically covers everything with 0 ISK deductible/self-risk. It even covers water damages and damages to the engine and transmission that no regular car rental insurance covers.

What insurance plan should I choose?

We always recommended our customers to take at least the Gold Insurance Package (2500 ISK per day). With the Gold Insurance Package, you have the gravel protection that covers the windscreen and the body when gravel or rocks get thrown on, at or into the vehicle by another car. The gravel damages are our most common damages. The Gravel Protection has 0 ISK deductible/self-risk. Also, you lower your deductible/self-risk amount on the SCDW down to 65.000 ISK.

For those who want to be extra well covered and drive in Iceland with total peace in their mind, we recommend the Platinum Insurance Plan. The Platinum Insurance Plan covers every damage with 0 ISK deductible/self-risk. For those who are going to drive on highland roads (F-roads) we highly recommend the Platinum Insurance Plan.