Land Rover Discovery Luxury 4x4 - 7 seats

Our Land Rover Discovery is an ideal choice for those who want to explore the Icelandic highlands in extreme comfort and luxury, but also not look out of place trendy Reykjavík either.

Powered by a 2.0-litre-diesel engine, our luxury Landrover Discovery 4x4 has plenty of power to get you safely around Iceland, including our adventurous F-road routes. 

Though it’s a rugged vehicle, plenty of thought has been put into comfort for both drivers and passengers. Features include a heated steering wheel as well as individually controllable heated and cooled seats. Combine this with four-zone climate control and you couldn’t have a more comfortable drive.

The Land Rover Discovery can seat up to 7 passengers with 172 litres of boot space (or 2 mid-to-large suitcases) making it ideal for larger groups. Most of our customers choose the Land Rover Discovery when they are travelling as a maximum group size of five as this allows for plenty of space and comfort, and the boot size increases to an impressive 723 litres; allowing for one mid-to-large suitcase per person, with a little room to spare! 

Families will be pleased to know that the luxury Land Rover Discovery is suitable for small children, and is compatible with both forward and rearward ISOFIX and non-ISOFIX child seats.

Luxurious and sleek, this rental car is the perfect choice for large families and groups that want a comfortable drive with plenty of space on their Icelandic adventures. 

We also have the Land Rover Discovery Sport in our fleet.