Kia Sorento 4x4 - 7 seats (automatic)

The Sorento blends rugged durability with modern sophistication, a car that feels just as much at home in the wilderness of the Icelandic highlands as it does cruising the stylish streets of midtown Reykjavík.

Whatever your itinerary, the Sorento delivers you to your destination in an effortless, elegant fashion.

Our 2023 Kia Sorento is all about pure performance without burning a hole in your fuel budget. It's also highly practical, too! Comfortably seating seven people with room in the boot to fit five large suitcases (142 litres capacity). For more space, you can fold down the back seats to increase the boot capacity to 605 litres. For families with young children, the car is also suitable for forward and rearward ISOFIX and non-ISOFIX child seats.

Heated seats and steering wheel, cruise control, air conditioning, power steering and a speed limiter allow for a comfortable driving experience. We also offer studded tyres in the winter for added security and peace of mind.  You also won't find yourself at a loss for tech features, either with wireless phone charging, a USB charging port, AUX audio port, CD player and Bluetooth compatibility for the ultimate convenience and entertainment on your travels. 

The Kia Sorento is suitable for F-Roads. Keep in mind that even if your vehicle is clear to take on F-roads, off-road driving is highly illegal in Iceland and can result in legal prosecution and hefty fines.

Spacious and slick, this rental car is the perfect choice for large families and groups that want a comfortable drive with plenty of space on their Icelandic adventures.