How to drive in Iceland?

How to drive in Iceland?

How to drive in Iceland?

It can be great experience to rent a car and drive in Iceland. Though there are things that you should have in mind when you drive in Iceland. Each year many tourists visit Iceland. Many tourists rent a car and drive around the country. 

Highway no. 1 is the most traveled route in Iceland. This highway lies around the country. Highway 1 is paved but there are lots of roads in the countryside that is not paved. When driving on a gravel road people have to have in mind that the road holding is not as good as on paved road. When you take a turn on a gravel road you can easily slip off the road if you go too fast. Also, gravel roads can be very narrow and bumpy. The speed limit on gravel roads is 80 km/h but often the condition does not allow so much speed. The driver has to evaluate the situation each time.

Many mountain roads are only open few months of the year. It is very important for drivers to respect the mountain road closures. Many accidents have occurred when people try to drive on roads that are marked closed. In the winter people need to be specifically careful when driving on mountain roads. It is important to check on the weather and road condition before heading off. Weather in Iceland can change quickly and dangerous conditions can occur with short notice.


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